What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I own a house in Centreville, AL. I live in Utah so I can't just leave to come clean the house I rent to people. So I called SERVPRO to come clean out the mold in the basement, and I couldn't thank them enough. Thank you! Very Convenient!

Used SERVPRO to get mold out of my attic, They were quick and Easy!

I had SERVPRO come clean the mod out of my master bed closet a couple of years ago and it hasn't came back yet.

I had nasty mold in my basement so I called SERVPRO and they took care of it for me. Thank You!! VERY RECOMMENDED! 

I had mold in my basement, I called SERVPRO and they were very professional, recommended me to a dehumidifier so it doesn't happen again, and got my house smelling clean.

I had some mold in the new house I just bought, I was kind of scared but I called SERVPRO back in march and they got rid of it and it hasn't came back since. Very professional!